Thursday, January 28, 2010

Still not done!

So I thought after our visit to the doctor on Monday, which was followed by my daughter throwing up repeatedly Monday night, that we were finally done with the stomach bug and that my three year old had missed it. No such luck. He got up from a nap today and threw up all over the floor, luckily it was the hardwood floor that I hate for other reasons, but appreciate for the fact that it is easier to clean up vomit from than carpet (as the hallway carpet upstairs can attest to after Monday's stomach bout). The funny thing is the older two relished in being able to say they were sick, while he insisted, after he was all cleaned up, that he was NOT sick. Kids are so funny sometimes. But at least he didn't want to be sick which is something.


  1. I don't know how you do it! My puppy puked three times today and I was exhausted!

    Hope they feel better soon. Hang in there. :)


  2. Unfortunately it looks like my oldest didn't have the flu yet because last night he took his turn. We used to have dogs and puppy puke is pretty yukky too, all those undigested food nuggets! Fingers crossed this is it for us.