Monday, January 31, 2011

Snow Days

It looks like we are in for more snow and ice again this week which will most likely mean either delays, cancelations or early dismissal for school once again. Since January started we have yet to have full week of school. There has been at least one day of snow and ice that led to no school. Yesterday was nice out, not too cold, and I suggested to myc hildren that we play outside. There is still over a foot of snow on the ground and our neighbor was out there making a snowman with her dad. My kids seem to have lost interest in teh snow already. Less than a month of real snow and they are over it. I know most of the adults I know are over it too, but I thought they would still be excited about it. Hopefully they will get excited again so we can spend more time outside because too much more inside time may be more than we can take!