Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I took my youngest two to the local amusement park today while the older ones were at school. Usually we go as a family on the weekends since we bought passes for this summer. It was a nice change to the routine to just take two. They took turns picking rides and got so excited about the little things. Since it is the end of the school year here there were a lot of school trips there, the parking lot was packed with buses but there were very few cars. The way some of the teenagers were acting made me so glad when we entered the kiddie area, since they had no reason to go there. The obnoxious comments about how lame the train ride was were uncalled for. If the ride is really that lame why even bother to go on it? I know kids will be kids and they were acting up for their peers, but the language was uncalled for. (Their word was not lame, I paraphrased to something I was willing to type.) I don't think my children noticed and I chose to ignore it at the time and be thankful when I was able to walk away from them. Do they know they are offending other guests and just not care or are they still so self-centered that they cannot see how their actions could be affecting those around them?

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